The SYNCrew app allows workers to request help directly in the app. Since workers must already be logged in, the majority of requests that come from here are not actually technical support issues so they are first routed to the people who know the worker best – their manager or company administrator. The email you receive has the text the worker typed to describe their issue and also a link to open their profile page so you can quickly and easily get right the their page to see what is happening. If you receive a support request and you don’t know how to answer the question, you can forward the request to

Once the worker clicks to submit their request for help, a simple email gets sent to either a single company email or the manager of the team that the worker is assigned to. Here are your two options for how to route that email.

  • Single Email: This option will send all change requests to a single email address. This is most often used for companies with a centralized IT function.
  • Send to Manager: This option will route the help request based on who is set as the manager of the team that the worker is assigned to. In the event that a team’s manager is disabled (because they left the company or have a new role), those help request will go to a backup email. To learn how to set up a manager for a team, click HERE.