After the pay period ends, it’s a best practice to have the managers review the hours and approve them. Then, once all hours are approved, lock the pay period to prevent future changes.

1) Review the hours in Worker Time Review

Worker Time Review can be run anytime during the pay period or after. Some managers look daily to make sure the times are always right and that comes with the added benefit that if something looks strange, the worker is likely to remember the details better since it happened yesterday, rather than last week!

This video shows how to review hours, along with all the other tricks to add and edit time.

2) Approve the hours

Once you review your employees’ hours, click to approve them to confirm they have been reviewed. When you click to approve them, the system saves your admin name and the time you approved them for future reference. If you edit times for a worker that was already approved, the hours become UN-approved and you will need to approve them again, so we recommend finishing your editing before approving the hours.

The video in step 1 above includes information about approving hours starting at 4:35 into the video. Click HERE to launch the video starting there.

3) Lock the pay period

After all hours are reviewed and approved, the person who runs payroll should lock the pay period. To do this, just open Worker Time Review, select the pay period, and click the Lock button shown below. Full admin will be able to edit hours or unlock the pay period but limited admin will be prevented from making edits after this so that payroll and SYNCrew will always be a perfect match.