Now that you have a few days of data, you already have some valuable information waiting for you inside SYNCrew! Running a few reports now will show you what you have collected and also show you

  1. Run a work block report. You can get there by clicking “Reports” in the left navigation and then selecting “Work Block Reports.” At first, just pick a date range of “Last 7 days” and click run so you can see what this report shows.

    Once you see that, click to “show filter” and then you can play around to find things by entering a worker and/or projects. What makes this report so powerful is that you can find the needle-in-the-haystack – things like, “I need to see all the work last July that George did at 123 Main St.” Like magic, the work block report will show you instantly!

2. Run a Timesheet. Click “Manage” in the left navigation and then select “Timesheets.” The date should automatically show the current pay period so you can just click “run.” You can see more details about timesheets by clicking the button below.